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FancyJLondon ©2015 All Rights Reserved This is a bio feature representing artist and survivor Nam. This person chose to not reveal their identity for personal reasons.

 I go by the name of NAM, I am a 32 year old male who survived 20 years of abuse by an alcoholic, drug fiend family who physically and mentally assaulted me on daily basis for about two decades. 
One day I decided that I wanted a family. I married the wrong woman during college. She had planned to ride out my heart and my student loans, then leave me when college was finished. Yet, before receiving the divorce papers, she was already involved with another man. They pawned her $6000 ring, (I bought) for $175. bucks. 

After a hard lesson learned, I was left with forty-two dollars, my bicycle, and shell shocked. Going from abused, to a college/family man, to a graduate and then, to… divorced and homeless all in one felt swoop. 

Wandering, place to situations, blissful to nightmarish, real folks to sterile shelters, (if I got to them on time). I indulged the tempting, luscious, and the appalling this country offers for free, but before long I found myself a drug addict.
Ashamed, to be like my father, I panhandled, and in a couple of weeks afforded a hotel room, for only two days. Sobriety I did, Somehow, thankfully! Then found a job paying $7.59 an hour, still a job. One manager let me stay at his house until I got an apartment. I Lived there for three months, finally able to find my own place.

I paid him back in FULL plus some! What a Great Man!!!

Around 2 to 3 months after being hired, I was crossing the highway and, an SUV hit me … Going 50 m.p.h. (Yes, I had the right-a-way)! The driver was ticketed and I had a long harsh four years of standing back up. Physical therapy, pain clinics, needles, injections, and 5 surgeries within a year and a half of each other and 2 more recently, making it 7 in total only with more to come.

I live with chronic pain, (RSD) excessive damage in both my hips and shoulder. Lost my job, my health insurance, my home and, I’m permanently disabled. My blessings that come out of all my anguish and suffering are my loving fiancé and my wonderful, caring step-son, that has adopted me. They have stayed by my side through ALL! Two rarities arriving into my life during the struggles, surgeries, and the death of my abusive father.

I decided to pour all of my pain and suffering into something beautiful, ART! 

I create abstract colorful dark imagery with mystically alluring details. You can find my art on my website about.me/the_nam_nation for fair prices. 

Here are a few examples:


Feel free to follow me on twitter @the_nam_nation 

What I have acquired through all my devastating experiences has become priceless.

• Teaching me consistency and genuine unconditional love.

• Encouraging me to live life leaving all negativity in the past.

• Learning how to live in a normal environment.

• Proudly remaining drug free and humble through it all.

“I want to thank FancyJ London for featuring me she has really inspired me and I am grateful to have had a chance to know her. To my fiancé and step-son for all their love and support. To my friends, and all who have actively supported me on social media from around the world…I hope this inspires you.” -NAM 

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Here In My Chair

Written By: FancyJ London ©2013


Not everything you touch turns to gold.

Not everything you catch, will you grasp hold.

The grass you see on the otherside isn’t green, brown or white,

It’s blue without oxygen, limpless without life,

The ballerina dances with beauty that can’t be beat,

weeping after the performance as she wipes the blood from her feet.

Take your just washed car out for a ride,

a big truck hits you on the right side.

A mother love’s her newborn Son,

knowing in the future he shall move on.

A daughter is her Daddy’s little girl,

then he leaves without a care in the world.

Even the most beautiful of flowers in all the fields will die.

Those who love you, seem to be the one’s who always lie.

A man will stray, and his woman will try.

A snake will kill, without thinking twice.

The picnic on the beach will bring you cheer,

then suddenly stinging bugs come out of nowhere.

You must be positive they say, when all your dreams are constantly taken away.

Turn on the T.V. to your favorite show,

abruptly interrupted by horrific news you don’t care to know.

A walk in the park with your love,

only to be shit on by a morning dove.

Pull up to your favorite restaurant to eat,

to find out they’re closed in the middle of the week.

You pull out the last cupcake and take a bite,

drop it and it’s insects and run for your life.

You meet a new friend and become the best,

only to find out they are just like the rest.

I like my green grass as I sit here, enjoying the crisp smell in the air.

To step on the Blue grass on the otherside, I wouldn’t dare.

I like it where I am, here in my chair.