Featured Artist *Maciej Smoreda*

FancyJLondon ©2015 All Rights Reserved This blog post is a bio feature representing rapper, singer/songwriter Maciej Smoreda 
FancyJ: “Hello Maciej; could you first before anything else tell me how to pronounce your name?” 

Maciej: “Sure, my name is pronounced Ma-Che. It means gift from God. 

FancyJ: “Your name is quite unique, what nationality did your name originate from?” 

Maciej: “I was born in lodz, Poland, it is a Polish name.” 

FancyJ: “That is impressive you are not American, yet your English is good?”

Maciej: “At the young age of 13, I moved from Poland to upper state NewYork not knowing any English at all, though I am proud to say I was able to pick it up quickly.”

FancyJ: “I must say I am not only intrigued by your name and your heritage, but also the video I saw of you hitting hard subjects like 9/11 with inspiring messages. Could you tell me what or whom inspired you to rap about such hard subjects, like 9/11.”

Maciej: “The 9/11 poem I wrote shortly after it happened. I was attending high school in NewYork. It was the first artistic positive message I ever wrote, at that time my hiphop was much different, mainly focusing on freestyle battling and murder rap in those days. Actually it became a huge turning point for me because I realized I could inspire people with my music.

FancyJ: “Did anyone close to you inspire you to get into music?”

Maciej: “Yes, in fact I owe it to a close friend of mine Michael Williams who does not rap, but writes poetry, I heard his 9/11 poem and was inspired to write my own version with my views. To this day I like his poem far more, and he likes mine far better…LOl! Since then he became a firefighter as well as partaking in multiple trips to Iraq and Afghanistan. I admire and respect him greatly. 

FancyJ: “Wow, he sounds like an amazing person, you know what they say here in our country; “You are the company you keep.” You know how to pick friends, that is a great quality to have.” Ok, If you could pick a famous artist you have great respect for, who would it be and why? 

Maciej: “Thank you for your compliments, as far as your question, It is hard to pick just one. I have always been a huge fan of Tupac and all the revolutionary talk at the end of his career same goes for Michael Jackson. That was an idol of mine since I was 5 years old. More recent artists that I have huge respect for are Hopsin, Logic, and McLemore. All very smart individuals, Independent thinkers and just aurora filled exuberant people. I can’t forget to mention Jim Morrison, that man was so ahead of his time he basically predicted “EDM” music in the 60’s, Hats off to Jim!”

FancyJ: “You really know your music, I agree those are some unforgettable people that taught us so much. So, tell me how did you choose your style of music? 

Maciej: “Guess it chose me when I was watching power rangers, Lol!” I love most music, though I can not sing to save my life or play any instruments, but I enjoy writing and expressing my thoughts in a way that makes people think more and hip hop was the perfect way for me to be able to do that.” 

FancyJ: “I have to say the Power Rangers comment took me by surprise? What did you mean by that?” ( For those of you reading who have no clue as to what we are talking about here is a link to explain: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Rangers )

Maciej: “Lol, I fell in love with hip hop at the age of 7 by watching The Power Rangers Show. The Black Power Ranger “STATIC” often broke out breakdancing, I thought to myself now that is hip hop!”

FancyJ: “So, at what age did you think you become enamored with music?”

Maciej: “I would say I have been interested in music, since I was a baby. Both my grandmothers sang in church choirs and in opera. I was quite fascinated with the passion in there voice and the feedback they would receive.

FancyJ: “It is amazing how influential music can be for all ages. Have you ever taken up lessons for an instrument?”

Maciej: “Yes, music is powerful. I actually took a lesson for one day on guitar and gave up. Tried again years later and only learned the basics of smoke on the water.” 

FancyJ: “I think we all fall victim to that, I too took classes on clarinet in school…hated it! 

Maciej: “Lol!”

FancyJ: “Can you tell me what you hope to accomplish by spreading your message filled lyrics? Do you believe that music has the power to change the way people think or feel in a positive way?” 

Maciej: “I just want to inspire people. It blows my mind that I already have inspired people in places I never been and around the world. It blows my mind.”I believe music is one of the most influential forms of art, ever. No matter what mood you are in, hearing a song with lyrics full of imagery and emotion can put you in whatever place the artists mind was in when they were writing it. It is the best form of story telling in my personal opinion. If you’re having a bad day and you put on a record like Tupac’s, it changes you automatically you instantly feel the positive vibration through your body, making you desire accomplishing something great.”

FancyJ: “I have to say I couldn’t agree more. I am sure we all have that specific singer or special album we enjoy, that pumps us up or motivates us.” 

Maciej: “I am happy you agree, yes it would be a dull world without music.” 

FancyJ: “Speaking of that, your lyrics are not even close to dull! Where do you draw your inspirational lyrics from?”

Maciej: “I draw my lyrics from personal experiences, as well as those close to me. One example is a song I created with Supa Russ, titled: ANSWERS. This song was one of the toughest and most emotional songs I have ever done, being that it was dedicated to our best friend that unexpectedly passed away earlier this year due to a heart attack at the young age of 26. Other songs I have written to show my point of view of world influences for myself and others that are relatable. Like the song titled: NICOTINE. I’ve been battling with nicotine addiction for over ten years, so that became my positive outlet in a negative struggle.”

FancyJ: “That is very inspiring for so many who have lost loved one’s and for those who battle addictions of all types.” I think your outlet is commendable!” 

Maciej: “I have been lucky in terrible situations, so for me this goes a lot deeper.”

FancyJ: “Yes indeed you have from what you told me privately, care to share any of them?” 

Maciej: “I was kicked out of high school, got in trouble, hustled a bit decided to put music on hold for while, then worked many different jobs from Walmart, Holister to running my own tree removal business. Finally up and moved to Florida in late 2011, I decided to buy an old graffiti’d school bus to move my things. My good friend and I drove it down with all my belongings and my pet snakes. The very first month in Florida, I was hit by a car going 65 mph. To my shock I didn’t have one broken bone and I was released from the hospital the next morning! I then moved my beautiful fiancé from NewYork to join me. I started to get serious about hip hop late last year when I had the pleasure of meeting BZK JOE (my producer/ also the top holding 3rd place breakdancer of Florida) we formed Affiliate’s and started making music!”

FancyJ: “You have quite an amazing story, and I am almost positive that people can relate to you. We all have a story and I am happy to share those stories with my readers. Who would you like to thank out there, for where you are today?”

Maciej: “I would like to thank my family, friends and my fiancé. Most of all my partner/producer BZK Joe who is my other half of affiliates. He pushes me all the time, couldn’t do it without him. Also, my fans from all over the world and people such as yourself FancyJ London for taking interest in my work.

FancyJ: “Thank you Maciej, it has been a pleasure getting to know you, but not wanting to get to know those snakes!” Lol!” So tell me, If you became the next rap icon, what would you do with your fame?”

Maciej: “I take it you are not a snake fan, Lol!” Well, If I became a rap icon I would build some community studios for kids to be able to make music where the resources are not available. If we can influence the youth in a positive way we can alter the future.” 

FancyJ: “That sounds great, you should start a campaign on Kickstarter for that! I guarantee you would reach the masses. Ok, last question, what do you think are your music life goals?” 

Maciej: “Music life goal is to make people think more. Respond not react. I think my lyrics convey that message. I want to show that anything is possible, if I couldn’t speak English at 13 years old then I can come up with complex lyrics, anyone can do it!” 

  FancyJ: “You are right about that, you can do just about anything if you put your mind, heart, and soul into it! 

 I am going to leave you with the video that inspired me to feature Maciej and want to say that my featured artists are all talented, but each have an incredible story. Everyone should be valued and appreciated from all four corners of the earth whether your famous or not! ~FancyJ London
9/11 poetry- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-TgipjOLCg

“Sonar” is one of my favorite songs that Maciej sang, make sure you listen to those lyrics! 


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FancyJLondon ©2014

B-eautiful beast full of lies, I fall every time

L-ove is non existent as a rose with its thorns, yet you still have your way with me

A-ll leads to heartbreak with this scar on my back I saw it coming, yet I ignored the fact

M-emories are all I hold inside knowing it was a total waste of my valuable time

E-ven as I lay here in the reality pain I hold only myself to blame

Blow’em Bubbles

Written By: FancyJ London ©2013


Blow’em at the cat watch it paw this one and that

Blow’em at Dad as he reads the Sunday paper

Blow’em at the mailman, watch-out for his face

Blow’em at the dog, let him have a taste

Blow’em at Mommy and in the kitchen sink

Blow’em at the light bulb, hear them go “PLINK”

Blow’em in the garden, and in the neighbor’s yard

Blow’em on the old men playing cards

Blow’em at your Sister, but not your big Brother

Blow’em at your best friends and their Mothers

Blow’em on the cars as they pass by

Blow’em near the baby to help stop her cry

Blow’em upward towards a high skyscraper

Blow’em onto a school class paper

Blow’em at the bride and at the groom

Blow’em at the mirror in the bathroom

Blow’en here and Blow’em there

Blow’em as big as you dare

Blow’em in the dark of night, try to hit the moonlight

Swirling, soapy, pearly, and wet

Blow’em until nothings left

Blowing bubbles is as good as it gets

Sun Flower Girl


Written by: FancyJ London ©2013


Golden honey kissed lips on an autumn day

Sitting by the edge of a large rocky bay

Warm creamy peach skin filled with sun’s glow

A world of innocent thoughts a flow, pondering things she will never know

Dark chestnut hair rests on her back

With her she carries a large sunflower pack 

A book of mystery lay on her lap, birds above her flying to the south

Popping several sunflower seeds into her mouth

She opens her book to chapter 7, she can’t wait to reach chapter 11

She smiles in the face of the sun as her freckles start to appear one by one

Reaching into her pack for more seeds, noticing that they are all gone

Removing her shoes to touch the water with her feet

Suddenly a sunflower drifts up to her toes

She picks it up and tickles her nose

Thinking to herself:  “This is more beautiful than a rose.”

Heading home before the sun-sets, carrying her pack, book, and sunflower

Resting her pack upon the couch she looks for a vase to place her flower 

“Beside my bed you will be, so I may dream ever so happily.”

If YOU were ME

Written and Produced By: FancyJ London ©2013


You would sit in silence and hold your breath…

until you realize you have nothing left

You would cry within at every sign of joy…

while others treat you like an old used up toy

You would stare at couple’s wedded bliss…

while you slowly tear up at all that you’ve missed

You would search and scour every dream…

just to find out there is no such thing

Your friends and loved one’s would never come…

yet you sit there waiting and just look dumb

If you were me, you would feel alone…

without a love or a hand to carry you home

You would push everyone away…

and fake a smile, just for the day

You couldn’t handle walking with my sore feet

not for an hour, a day, or a week…..

Cranberry Rose


Written by: FancyJ London ©2013


Cranberry rose still lingers here with a bloody existence its all I fear…

Laying in pool of my own blood holding on to the beast who proclaims his LOVE…

Shutting down breaking out It writhes inside slowly burning me down…


I know I stepped too deep 

Sinking below my feet 

Under I go can’t breathe 

I go down, I go down to my knees


Cranberry Stains my bitter heart….with each little gasp I fall apart…

Torn by the vain words of apologies I learn to reflect on bitter memories…

Lies be told to keep me here…. I know he is powerless to my prayers…

Closing my eyes so he might disappear…open them I might, but I do not dare….


I know I stepped too deep 

Sinking below my feet 

Under I go can’t breathe 

I go down, I go down to my knees


Like cranberries rise slowly to the surface

I know in my heart you were never worth it

Under the pressure of a bursting tank 

I rose above it all just to walk the plank


I know I stepped too deep 

Sinking below my feet 

Under I go just can’t breathe 

I go down, I go down,

go down to my knees


Cherry Cordial

Written by: FancyJLondon
FancyJPoetry ©2013

Dreamy creamy cocoa,
dissolving slowly onto your
lips with your first decadent bite.

Glistening crimson sticky liquid,
leaks onto a palate of warm moistness.

Savory bursts of sweetness,
coating every inch of your teeth,
licking each one off,
as not to waste a single drop.

Reaching the center to much surprise,
a dark cherry cordial bursts from the inside.

Your mouth waters ever so delightfully, knowing full well, one just isn’t enough!



Written by: FancyJLondon ©2013

Horn sounding within battle ships,
hitting waves left then right.

Wild cats racing eachother,
in the dead of mid-night.

Shouts, squeals, mockingbird calls,
wind whistling, crashing ocean squals.

Music sounds from a nearby hut,
laughter of children, playing with a cute cub.

No worry of money, or a next meal,
servants carry everything on carts with wheels.

Pastries, hot cocoa, cookies and milk,
Men in feather’s dancing wrapped in silk.

Burnt orange sunset warms the earth’s edge,
as the stars pop out one by one,
letting you know that the day is done.

The air settles and drifts by as you sleep,
in your hammock, beneath the coconut tree.

dreaming of the place,
where you always wished you could be!


With U underneath my feet

With U
my Feet…..

Written by: FancyJ London ©2013

Stumbling along I go, searching for unrocky roads.
Beauty within my soul, somehow lost its glow.
Stomach of death and butterflies frosted cold.
Memories glazed with arsenic, pitiful stories of woe.

I can’t go any further with U underneath my feet.
I can’t shout any louder with your hand stopping my speech.
I can’t see when your evil darkness is sucking the light out of me …….
Out of me…..

Like a trooper,
I carry on.
My wounds are infected,
I’m nearly gone.
Fought a battle,
only an army could’ve won.
I raise my head to the sky and ask why.
Why, why… WHY!!!!!

I can’t go any further with U underneath my feet.
I can’t shout any louder with your hand stopping my speech.
I can’t see when your evil darkness is sucking the light out of me….
Out of me….
Out of………



Poetry by: FancyJ London ©2013

Catch a whisper on a wing,
traveling fast on a gust of spring.
Roll by an emerald leaf with dew,
turn around a rigid rock or two,
fall gently down a trail,
then slowly rise again without fail,
before the sun says its goodbyes
I am going to give it one last try.
Fluttering fast,
on a wind of change,
where it leads I may never know,
but this is somewhere I have to go.
Never expect you to understand,
these twisted internal thoughts that spin,
but if I never try, I may never win.
So I sail on a whim, and spin on a web
never know where I will land
and crash on my head,
its better me, than you instead!