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“There are few artists that have the ability to capture my attention due to the lack of passion behind their music and their driving force for life itself. I was surprised when I was approached by Mz. Dyzihre on a popular site which goes by the name of FIYA ( http://fiyaplatform.com ) where you review music by up and coming artist’s. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy Mz. Dyzihre’s music I also noticed something in her that shined brighter that others that have tried to get my attention. After further conversations I got to know quite an impressive person with an amazing positive outlook on life. She inspired me with her business sense and her unbelievable talents that she refers to as “Gifts” her go getter mentality was something that I myself live by and admire greatly when I meet people with that same gumption. Mz. Dyzihre isn’t just an incredible hip hop artist with a beautiful big smile, she is so much more… – Fancy J London”

Mz.Dyzihre, Born Kathryn L. Scurry , A native of New York grew up on the streets of Brooklyn. Living in the Big Apple was no walk in the park for this “Diamond in the Ruff”. As a child she faced many challenges that could have deterred her from her destiny. Instead she used those challenges as a stepping stone that has taken her on many different levels of creativity.

Mz.Dyzihre attended Sarah J. Hale High School in Brooklyn, New York where she found one of her many talents. While studying to be a hairstylist she stumbled on another talent of writing poetry which would soon lead to her skill of writing and composing music. She moved to Houston, Texas to persue that dream shortly after releasing her first single “Pop It ” Featuring Jokaman off her self- titled album Mz.Dyzihre “Real Talk……In a Week, creating a buzz for the rising Icon.

While persuing music she decided to go back to school and get a degree in Baking & Pastry starting her own custom cake business “Cakes By Dyzihre”. Taking a break in 2012 to further her baking career, She graduated with honors from Houston Community College in 2014 focusing on her bakery business.

Realizing her true calling In 2016, Mz.Dyzihre decided to get back in the music game releasing her hit singles “Echo” , “Wifey Type” and “Get A Life ”
produced by Mike Sneezzy “On the beat” an up and coming producer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hitting some impressive charts with her singles at #1 via Reverbnation , Soundclick , and a host of other online music sites.

Besides being a Musician, Beautician and Pastry Chef, Mz.Dyzihre is also a Fashion Designer creating her appareal and shoe line “Brooklyn Girl Clothing” (BG&Co) with expected launch year of 2019.

She is also a Author and Screenwriter releasing her first 3 part book series “Trouble” that is now available online at “The Book Patch” all while juggling the many talents using them to help further her career of music. Talking about a woman of many talents, if that isn’t enough she is also a certified wedding officiant. This label would be an understatement.


Her music influences stem from far listening to iconic female rappers such as MC Lyte, Queen Latifah and Missy Elliot. Her style is like no other but her own. She is the right balance of versatility and lyrical depth. Mz.Dyzihre currently released her first single Down Low (What You Sippin ?) that is in heavy rotation on The Real 92 Hip-Hop, Urban Stone Radio and DJ Digital Pool. Down Low also available on https://songwhip.com/artist/mzdyzihre and her official website www.mzdyzihreofficial.com.

The official video drops March 20th, 2018.

Listen to: Down Low (What You Sippin) by Mz.Dyzihre

Her album Femcee Chronicle coming soon will feature chart topping hits such as Down Low (What You Sippin ?), Checkmate and self produced hits such as Hello New York , A song paying homage to her hometown of New York feat. the late great “Notorius B.I.G and Jarule , Newspaper and Doowa just to name a few.

Social Links :

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Mz.Dyzihre

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mzdyzihremusic

Instagram: https://instagram.com/iammzdyzihre

Music Links :

YouTube: https://youtu.be/mzACWX1O_2c

Reverbnation: https://reverbnation.com/mzdyzihre

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mz-dyzihre

“I would like to personally thank everyone involved in my music productions, videos, photography, radio interviews, features, shout outs, management, my incredible fans, and several more.” – Mz. Dyzihre

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“One word to best describe what the music game is missing, “Dyzihre.”

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