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“We all have a story, each one of us is owner to a single star in the universe, and if you haven’t noticed the sky is full of stars.” ~FancyJ


 KYNGSOLO is a well known female rap artist born in Florida then raised in Kentucky. She grew up with an eagerly artistic mentality combined with the driving force of a leader. Her entire life has been focused on the passion for expression and determination to become the best in her career as a producer, rapper, and singer/songwriter. Even through numerous struggles in her life, nothing has ever been able to keep her from her goals. 


   KYNGSOLO has more than just rapping under her belt. From 2008-2013 she was stationed in Fort Carson Colorado as a very skilled Apache Helicopter Mechanic. (Aviation Regt) She not only has skills, but is intelligent and full of manners. When it comes to her music it isn’t any different it just gets better.

 KYNGSOLO’s vocals vary with an incredible amount of deep emotion, painful anguish, cursing rage, to a melodic flowing eerie sound. She grips your attention with her captivating melodies and soul searching lyrics. 


 Her music goes beyond in making the listener want more. Her stories are relatable and most all her lyrics come in an instant leaving a permanent mark in your mind.

  I myself was moved by one of her songs entitled “Family” her voice was soft and fluid yet yanked your inner heart strings as she told her story in a innovative approach that so many rappers today can’t grasp the art of. 


 KYNGSOLO not only sings amazingly but she raps with the same if not more passion. Her lyrics contain poetic vibes with perfect content to each story she tells. She is quick witted and ready to freestyle at any moment. 

 ( Skin art in Photograph done by Camaskassi – find him on Twitter @camaskassi )

 KYNGSOLO has an impressive resume such as opening in concert for “BONE THUGS AND HARMONY”, “MANN”, collaborating with several signed and unsigned singers, as well as owning her own professional production label. 

I personally collaborated with her on a track called “Dialin 911” you can listen here: 

Also on a Track called “Christmas Luv” click on link below to listen now! 

 I will be adding this to a full collaboration album out in February 2016. In this song she brought her wizardry to another level, making it a completed song in less than two hours. Not only is her work efficient, it is of the best quality.   


 She is hard working and extremely dedicated to her art. I highly recommend you take a listen to what your missing, and that is…. The one The only “KYNGSOLO!” 

  “Music is really in my blood, I couldn’t stop working with music if I tried. 
Something inside of me won’t let me quit.” ~KYNGSOLO


 Here is a taste of KYNGSOLO’S lyrics that will definitely show her artistic talent.

Most of your lives 

get copied and pasted

I’m the one you copy, 

so I’m made for greatness

I take my weakness and 

turn it into something undefeated 

you wouldn’t believe it and that’s okay

I leave y’all plates outside your doors 

feeding the hungry with strength 

so many speak with bullets, 

but I’m still here ain’t I 

I’m alive no I didn’t die 

it takes more than someone trying to 

curse my life, to make me not fly……..



 This is one of my favorites for its melody, relatable lyrics, and incredible vocals. 

 For Booking/Inquiries: 

Email: kyngsolo@mail.com  —  lortrishaproductions@gmail.com

Label Name: 

LortrishaProductions non profit organization LLC


Find KYNGSOLO’S music:




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kyng.solo.1

Twitter: @lortrisha

YouTube: https://youtu.be/uz8ZZwMQHs0


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Father I like having hurt, cause that’s what you do
You send the pain below, where I need it
You used to beg me to take, care of things
and smile at the thought of me always failing
But Father long before, having hurt
You send the below
Send the pain below

Much like suffocating, much like suffocating
Ooh, Much like suffocating
Oooh….. you suffocate me

You used to run me away, with all your sarcasm
and I cry about it everyday, even today
Long before having hurt
You send the pain below
Father you send the pain below

Much like suffocating Ooh I’m suffocating
Ooh you suffocate me, Ooh you suffocate me
Much like suffocating…..

You suffocate me
I can’t feel my chest
I can’t breathe
There’s a hole in me

I can’t breathe
I can’t feel my chest
There’s no heart in me
I can’t breathe………………………………………………………..

Father I like having, so much hurt….. OOh
Father send the pain below
Father send the pain below….. Oooh
Ooh Father I’m hurting so
You don’t even care
You don’t even care
I’m suffocating, you suffocate me
Send the pain below…….



Written by:FancyJ London ©2013

If I could disappear, I would disappear into thin air
If I could vanish into nowhere, I would gladly split without a care

In front of my so called friends, In front my so called family, In front of the so called people who state their love for me

If I could close my eyes and think of a place to go, I would beg God to let me, make it so
If I could open my arms and suddenly raise from the ground,
You would never ever get the chance to catch a glimpse of me around

In front of those who hurt me, In front of those who lied, In front of all those people who made me cry

In front of their eyes,

I would disappear clear into the sky, I would disappear into thin air, I would leave this mess of world without care…. I would just disappear……


If YOU were ME

Written and Produced By: FancyJ London ©2013


You would sit in silence and hold your breath…

until you realize you have nothing left

You would cry within at every sign of joy…

while others treat you like an old used up toy

You would stare at couple’s wedded bliss…

while you slowly tear up at all that you’ve missed

You would search and scour every dream…

just to find out there is no such thing

Your friends and loved one’s would never come…

yet you sit there waiting and just look dumb

If you were me, you would feel alone…

without a love or a hand to carry you home

You would push everyone away…

and fake a smile, just for the day

You couldn’t handle walking with my sore feet

not for an hour, a day, or a week…..