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   FancyJLondon©2015 (All Rights Reserved) This blog post is a bio/interview representing the Producer/DJ -Claime

“I believe we as artists must support our fellow talented wandering souls out there that also carry a dream! The best success comes when you unite, not divide!” -Fancy J ❤️
Today I am featuring a fellow artist that I had the pleasure of chatting with on several occasions!

 The Name is Claime an 18 year old talented Producer and DJ of Progressive House/Big Room House Music from Antalya, Turkey.  


His story began 3 years ago in high school, when a close friend named Berkay changed his life completely by introducing Claime to the world of music. 

Claime wasn’t interested in music as much as his friend, but with time Claime quickly developed a love for electronic club beats deciding to begin producing music.

 It was not long after, that Berkay and Claime started organizing live events for their high school and other high schools in the area. Berkay was more than a friend in the career and life of Claime, without his constant support and friendship Claime wouldn’t have been able to reach as far as he did. 

  Claime was contacted by coordinators of the annual Golden Pomegranate Festival. The Pomegranate Festival is an annual festival that is usually held in May every year in Turkey, attracting on average 5,000-7,000 people a year. This festival is filled with an abundance of culture, generally a parade is held with traditional dances, music and celebrity performers.

 Claime listened as the coordinator said: “We have been waiting for you, to be our festival DJ.” This was the greatest news Claime had heard in a while, of course he eagerly accepted. 

Claime was excited to see so many famous artists one in particular, “INNA” a Romanian singer. 

 Claime has received several offers from management companies and labels for track releases, but was unable to sign with them due to his family not accepting the agreements, but Claime was able to produce a soundtrack for a short film that he is very proud of. 

Claime continues to fight for his dreams and goals and I strongly believe this young brilliant DJ is bound to reach stardom. 

Claime you take it from here…. 
Claime: “Music is my life, I think there is no end to learning, I am continuously learning new styles, tips and tricks to producing and more.”
  “Most of my inspiration comes from listening to pre-made accomplished tracks, like Tiesto, Martin Garrix, and Nicky Romero, just to name a few.”

“I am overwhelmed by all the love and support I have received from Andres Fresko, Joachim Speidel, BL3R, New World Sound, Fancy J London, my friends and many more. I am thankful to have built such great friendships with other DJ’s, producers and musicians from around the world.” 

“I think music opens thousands of doors for people. When someone says to me: “You are so talented!” 

“I think talent isn’t that important, people do not make anything with a knack, they make them by believing in their dreams.”

“One day, eventually I will be there, this I know!” 

“Follow your dreams, never give up.” -Claime

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*Booking, Management: 



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