FancyJLondon ©2014

Suck it down, pass it on
This pain may never be gone
They ask you what is wrong
You respond with the same old song
I’m fine, nodding my head
Though I’m torn up into shreds
No one would wish to be in my bed

All I remembered now seems crazy
and has suddenly turned hazy
Reaching for the pills,
Running for the hills
Forget all the dues
and stop paying my bills
I’m jumping off the brink
heading down the sink
This isn’t at all
what you would think

Chasing me lately,
Ask what my fate be
Choosing carefully,
put me down hatefully
Picking up my pills now
ever so gracefully

It’s so deceptive
One moment from the next
Feeling like failing
without my happy fix
Up in the clouds
you can’t hurt me now

Cranking up the stereo
Laughing till my voice goes
Light up the candle
Set off the mantle
Blaze up the night
Pop my pills and start a fight
Pretty soon I’ll be on my flight
From there on after it’ll be alright
Keep popping em until there is no light


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