Lets Play



Written By: FancyJ London ©2014

You think you got me, with your stare
You think you know me, as if I care
You just want something, that’s how it is… I’m not your toy to be played with

You walk your walk, tall and boastful
You whistle, looking up and down
No respect will ever be found
You want to wreck my soul,
until I have nothing left
My innocence will be kept

I am not a foolish young thing,
that opens up for every man
You think I’m easy…your so wrong
I never fall for the sleazy

I rather stay single, than mingle
I know your type,
saying your different you’ll never play with me and all that hype
Declaring love for this one and that
When I see and I know,
that you are all bad
Come near me, I dare you
this time I hold the deck
you are about to get wrecked
Lets play cowboy,
what do you say?
Who crying now, who asking how
Who wants to end the game now
Sorry baby, I am 100 points ahead
Hope karma smacks the hell out of your BIG head.


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