Sun Flower Girl


Written by: FancyJ London ©2013


Golden honey kissed lips on an autumn day

Sitting by the edge of a large rocky bay

Warm creamy peach skin filled with sun’s glow

A world of innocent thoughts a flow, pondering things she will never know

Dark chestnut hair rests on her back

With her she carries a large sunflower pack 

A book of mystery lay on her lap, birds above her flying to the south

Popping several sunflower seeds into her mouth

She opens her book to chapter 7, she can’t wait to reach chapter 11

She smiles in the face of the sun as her freckles start to appear one by one

Reaching into her pack for more seeds, noticing that they are all gone

Removing her shoes to touch the water with her feet

Suddenly a sunflower drifts up to her toes

She picks it up and tickles her nose

Thinking to herself:  “This is more beautiful than a rose.”

Heading home before the sun-sets, carrying her pack, book, and sunflower

Resting her pack upon the couch she looks for a vase to place her flower 

“Beside my bed you will be, so I may dream ever so happily.”


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