Blow’em Bubbles

Written By: FancyJ London ©2013


Blow’em at the cat watch it paw this one and that

Blow’em at Dad as he reads the Sunday paper

Blow’em at the mailman, watch-out for his face

Blow’em at the dog, let him have a taste

Blow’em at Mommy and in the kitchen sink

Blow’em at the light bulb, hear them go “PLINK”

Blow’em in the garden, and in the neighbor’s yard

Blow’em on the old men playing cards

Blow’em at your Sister, but not your big Brother

Blow’em at your best friends and their Mothers

Blow’em on the cars as they pass by

Blow’em near the baby to help stop her cry

Blow’em upward towards a high skyscraper

Blow’em onto a school class paper

Blow’em at the bride and at the groom

Blow’em at the mirror in the bathroom

Blow’en here and Blow’em there

Blow’em as big as you dare

Blow’em in the dark of night, try to hit the moonlight

Swirling, soapy, pearly, and wet

Blow’em until nothings left

Blowing bubbles is as good as it gets


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