Painted Winter


Written by: FancyJ London ©2013


Cream frosted flowers seven in a row,

petals iced over with a hint of the suns warm glow.

Sunsets of periwinkle, slate blue and rosy gold,

makes wonderful memories that never get old.

Curves, tunnels, frozen lakes, and snowballs,

winter full of icicles, and sledding to the mall.

Cold hands and feet, bright blushed cheeks,

cold noses, the scent of grandma’s perfume of roses.

Cedar wax wings snuggling on a birch tree branch,

gray squirrels dropping chestnuts in the snow,

German Shepard’s sliding on ice,

children skating down the street at night.

Scarves of red crimson, royal blue hats of wool, white sweaters of mohair,

smoky slippers filled with fluff, hot chocolate in front of a fire place,

and aromas in the oven of some good smelling stuff.

Warm apple pie, turkey roasted drumsticks,

and mashed potato surprise.

Wooden doors with wreaths of emerald green,

large candy apple velvet bows on the inside screen.

A potrait on the table, of a painted winter scene.

Peppermint candy ice cream, pumpkin spice candles a glow,

theses are some of the best things I know.


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