Lenticular Cloud

Written By: FancyJ London ©2013

Life is beautiful as I sit here proud,
looking down from my lenticular cloud.

Not a care in the world never a frown,
caught up in the craziness of a circus clown.

Staring at his colorful light, I fail to see his evil darkness each an every night.

Stunning he is….in the glow of day,
Prince Charming he is….in his part of the play.

Falling suddenly lowering down,
bruising, bloody, scrapes all around.

Another came an took my space, now he is lying to her face.

Saying bye-bye to my lenticular cloud,
No more room for being proud.

Believed his ongoing lies, trusted the look in his very eyes, took his words and his vows, so stupid I was, I really regret it now.

Closing my eyes, holding my breath,
speeding faster and faster towards my unforeseen death

Rising slowly again, my heart without sound,
lifeless towards heaven I am bound.

Back to my cloud?
I think not!
For this time In-love
I will not be caught.



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