Written by:FancyJ London ©2013

If I could disappear, I would disappear into thin air
If I could vanish into nowhere, I would gladly split without a care

In front of my so called friends, In front my so called family, In front of the so called people who state their love for me

If I could close my eyes and think of a place to go, I would beg God to let me, make it so
If I could open my arms and suddenly raise from the ground,
You would never ever get the chance to catch a glimpse of me around

In front of those who hurt me, In front of those who lied, In front of all those people who made me cry

In front of their eyes,

I would disappear clear into the sky, I would disappear into thin air, I would leave this mess of world without care…. I would just disappear……



6 comments on “Disappear

  1. Call me crazy, but I think I saw you on the beach in Mexico? You are beautiful in person, your pictures don’t do you justice. I and my husband read all your blogs and are glad to have seen you. You have a beautiful family. God Bless

  2. Ha ha ha, it was you! La Ropa is beautiful this time of year. You are lucky to be able to live in paradise. I am a huge fan of yours and hope you get that book out soon! I will be the first in line. We didn’t come over as not to disturb your family moment. Glad I am not crazy.

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