You were lost then found
You shine bright as the east star
You were mine then gone
He came and took you
I had no where to run
I cried for years it was hard to accept
I could never get you back
I could never hear your sound
I remember your tiny feet
Remember your little toes
Your beautiful laughter
Photos that you posed
Like angel you shined bright
I tried with all my might
But he came on a pirate ship
Stole my precious treasure in the night
Sailed off to the west never looking back
Telling you I left you
when I never left at all
I stood there and watched you disappear
I wept and wept almost to death
I still feel like part of my heart is stone
I yearn to hold you and never let you go
I lost my treasure chest
You were my diamond
you were my sparkle
you made me different and for that I am grateful
Now that the ship returned
18 years at last
I stood as you stepped down
you saw my face and walked past
I lost my treasure to lies
I lost my baby to a guy
who claims to be her dad
When he was the monster that took my innocence
I had no choice I couldn’t fight his strength I was just 100 pounds
I know how this sounds
I never regret you
Never gave you up
Family was ashamed and told me to abort
Never oh never you were my treasure
I fought and I won but I lost you forever



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