Tiny Buttons and Long Crimson Thread

Written By: FancyJLondon ©2013

Crimson Thread

A journey can never be predetermined,

Destiny can never be known before hand,

Birth is by chance and tiny miracles,

Death is unknown to those who want to live,

Life goes on for those who care to be gone,

and tiny buttons connected to long crimson thread,

were meant to intertwine for reasons unknown through time.

Meeting those who suffer, those who are rich,

those who care, and those who don’t,

those who judge, and those who have faith,

those who impress, and those who are distressed,

those who cry in the middle of the night, those who dance in the moonlight,

those who are near, those who are far,

those of envy, those without fear,

those who protect, those who abuse,

those who endlessly give and those who always lose,

those who whisper behind your back,

those who accept you JUST LIKE THAT!

Our threads cross and tangle with twists

for reasons we all care to dismiss,

yet all that time was well worth it,

teaching us all what we never wished to see,

so we can be the best part of WE!


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