Written by: FancyJLondon ©2013

Horn sounding within battle ships,
hitting waves left then right.

Wild cats racing eachother,
in the dead of mid-night.

Shouts, squeals, mockingbird calls,
wind whistling, crashing ocean squals.

Music sounds from a nearby hut,
laughter of children, playing with a cute cub.

No worry of money, or a next meal,
servants carry everything on carts with wheels.

Pastries, hot cocoa, cookies and milk,
Men in feather’s dancing wrapped in silk.

Burnt orange sunset warms the earth’s edge,
as the stars pop out one by one,
letting you know that the day is done.

The air settles and drifts by as you sleep,
in your hammock, beneath the coconut tree.

dreaming of the place,
where you always wished you could be!



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